Wildwind Kennel

The Farm

Built in the late 1700's, we are the seventh generation to live on the farm. Wildwind has hundreds of acres of field and woods consisting of typical New England style apple orchards and stone walls with spectacular views of the White Mountains.

Some sheep remain to assist in maintaining the fields and brush, but the main focus is on producing quality grounds for dog training and wildlife management. Deer, turkey, grouse, and geese frequent our walks with the odd pheasant from training.

The name "Wildwind Kennels" originated from my late grandfather who appreciated a good view and a good stiff wind from the western exposure.

Suzy, also known as FC Amelda of Green Isle,
relaxes in the kennel.

The main farmhouse remained from the original farm and we have added on in phases. The two story garage has full upstairs living accommodations and we can access the upper kennel from the lower story. The upper kennel goes into the kennel office, grooming and food prep area. From the office you can access the lower kennel. The kennels are indoor and outdoor runs with eight large pea-gravelled outside excercise areas. It is a modern and clean facility.

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