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Jim and Denise Keller operate Wildwind Kennels in rural Knox, Maine with the help of their seventeen year old daughter, Deanna.

Jim has worked for some of the finest sporting camps in the state of Maine as a professional guide specializing in grouse and woodcock hunting. With over 29 years of dog training experience, Jim has successfully trained spaniels that have achieved in excess of 70 field and national championships.

His expertise and success was recognized when Jim was honored with the prestigious 2014 Hogan Award as the top Professional handler in the United States and he was named second in 2015.
Deanna with Suzy

Denise is a very active participant in our program assisting with kennel operations and chores while we are on the road or training late.

Our philosophy is simple: positive re-enforcement through birds, fun and repetition. Everything in our program is based on building confidence.

We look forward to helping you achieve your goal of having a first-rate hunting partner.

Field Champions and National Placements

During the past 29 years we have trained dogs that have accomplished the following:
Jim with Ring

AFC Harvest Moon's Amazing Spider-Man of Marymount "Spidey"

FC/AFC Z & Z's Sky Dancer of Fallen Wings

AFC Pinecrofts Princess Peyton - 4th place US National Amateur Championship

NAFC/FC/CFC Stonington's Expressways Marshall - 2nd place US National Amateur Championship

FC/AFC/CFC Pheasant Feathers Black Sapphire of Marymount

2014 & 2015 2xNFC/FC Hearthrock's All In "Scratch" - 2014 US National Open Champion, 2015 US National Open Champion, 2015 US National Open High Point Dog

FC/AFC/CFC Windy Plains High Voltage "Sparkey" - 3rd place 2013 US National Amateur Championship

2015 NAFC/FC/AFC/CFC Expressways Retrieving Fool "Treeva" - CM 2013 US National Amateur Championship, 2015 US National Amateur Champion

FC Fallen Wings Z and Z's Skittles

FC Sunups Tatonka

FC/AFC/CFC Frostfields Tommy - CM 2013 US National Open Championship

FC Sunrise Montgomery Veevo Vivo Vum "Monty"

FC Buellers Day Off of Fallen Wings "Bueller" - 2nd 2012 US Cocker National

FC/AFC Crosswinds Beauty of T5R9 "Bella"

AFC Crosswinds 4 Hire "Spencer"

FC/CFC Crosswinds Itchin to Go

AFC Tridon Orions Slick Willie

2010 NAFC/2013 NCAFC/FC/AFC/CFC/CAFC Flushingwing Annie - 2010 US National Amateur Champion, 2013 National Canadian Amateur Champion, 2011 CM US National Open, 2011 CM US National Amateur, 2014 National High Point Open, 2014 US National Open Championship 2nd Place, 2014 Canadian National Open Championship 2nd Place

FC/AFC Z&Z's Stitch
Placement at the Cocker National

FC Apple River's Too Many Freckles

FC Crosswinds Warpaths Firewater

FC/AFC Fallen Wing's Lisa Marie

FC/AFC Fallen Wings Kestrel

CFC/CAFC Crosswinds Silver Rally Roo

CFC/CAFC Gaspereaumtn Dill Pickles

FC/AFC Crosswind's Heir to Camelot "Pilot" - 2nd Place 2010 US National Amateur

FC Windwhistles Woodward

FC/CFC/AFC Fallen Wing's Z and Z's Ringer MH - CM 2008 US National Open
Jim and FC/AFC/CFC Crosswinds Jake Bentley

FC Crosswind's Ameila

CFC Deveraux's Lefty

NFC/FC Trendsetters Black Beauty SH

FC Fallen Wing's Elvis SH - 3rd Place 2009 US Cocker National

CFC/AFC Crosswind's Ruffian

FC Trailblazing Maverick

CFC Sunrise Little Rascal "Spanky" - 2007 CM US National Open
Jim & Zip at 2008 Canadian National

NFC/FC/CFC/AFC Crosswind's Warpath "Zip" - 2nd Place 2008 Canadian Nationals, CM 2007 US National Amateur, 2nd Open High Point 2007 and
Honored as a 2010 Bird Dog Hall of Fame Inductee

FC/AFC/CFC Crosswind's Jake Bentley - 2nd Place 2008 US Open Nationals, 3rd Place 2006 US Open Nationals, US Open High Point 2005, US Amateur High Point 2004

FC/AFC/CFC Wildwind's John Henry

FC/AFC/CFC Macheewynn's Flying Solo

CFC Puckerbrush Full Choke Briley - 3rd Place 2007 Canadian Nationals

FC Crosswind's Last Nantyr
CFC Wildwind's Storm MH

CFC Rolling Oaks Pride of Ripley

CFC Longbriar Blade

CFC Wildwind's Rebel

CFC Macheewynn's Miska - CM 2001 Canadian Nationals

CFC Wildwind's Storm MH

NFC/FC/AFC/CFC Crosswinds Warpath "Zip"
In Memory Always
June 14, 2002 - December 11, 2009

"Congratulations on Zippy's induction into the Bird Dog Hall of Fame. A well deserved honor for a dog who continues to make his mark on the spaniel world."

Zip's Owners Kevin and Betsey Battistoni
2006 US National Open Winner - Handler Jim Keller, Wildwind Kennels

Two articles written by Kevin Battistoni, published by Spaniel Journal:

Jim & Denise Keller - 1368 Webb Rd - Knox, Maine 04986 - tel: 207-322-6236 or
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