Wildwind Kennel


We work very closely with several clients who have some outstanding spaniels from some of the finest breedings in North America. Several dogs we have raised and/or trained to various levels of competition and hunting and placed them back with their respective owners. We then work with the owners to produce quality breedings based upon the various traits of the dogs to best produce outstanding hunting and competition spaniels.

Planned breedings do not happen instantly so don't expect a puppy instantly. Training a dog to a level of worthiness of breeding, checking hips/eyes and other genetic anomalies and finding the right sire and dame all take time. We encourage you to contact us in regards to upcoming breedings we can direct you towards. Take the time to develop a relationship with the breeder so you both know each others expectations. This is what we call a quality breeding with a quality breeder.

After your quest for a quality breeding consider utilizing our training services for your new prospect.

Jim & Denise Keller - 1368 Webb Rd - Knox, Maine 04986 - tel: 207-322-6236 or
Preference to calling... Please contact Jim directly by phone regarding scheduling and immediate questions.
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