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Bob Montler with AFC Pheasant Feathers Marymont's Elizabeth Keene
Introducing New Field Champions!

New FC Juneau's Gypsy Girl with Joel Theisen and Jim Keller

Over the span of his 30 year career, Jim Keller has professionally trained spaniels which have achieved the following accomplishments:
Dick Krueger and Hearthrocks Polar Vortex "Ice"
after her double header wins

  • 92 All Age Field Champion Titles
  • 7 National Championship Titles:
    • 2015 US National Open Springer
    • 2015 US National Amateur Springer
    • 2014 US National Open Springer
    • 2013 National Canadian Amateur Springer
    • 2010 US National Amateur Springer
    • 2009 US National Open Cocker
    • 2006 US National Open Springer
  • 2 National High Point Open Titles
  • 37 US and Canadian National Placements - including Certificates of Merit
  • 1 Highest-Point Spaniel of All Time
  • 1 Bird Dog Hall of Fame Inductee
Jim with Annie

Jim's impressive experience with spaniels extends beyond his notable field trial successes. He has trained countless AKC Master Hunters, Senior Hunters, Junior Hunters and truly superb upland hunting companions.

Additionally, Jim Keller has been personally recognized and honored to be named the recipient of the annual Hogan Award for outstanding Professional Handlers using a weighted points system:

  • 2015 Hogan Award Runner Up
  • 2014 Hogan Award Winner

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